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Jan. 30th - Feb. 3rd

Important Construction Update

As I stated early on, our construction project will come with some changes and difficulties. We recently learned that we would loose access to our gym temporarily as they work to get things started with this project. We are going to make some adjustments to our P.E. classes during this time. We are asking that you make sure to send your students to school each day with a coat and anything else they would need to keep warm outside. Mr. Allen wants to be able to take the students outside as much as possible during this time when the weather will permit. Making sure your child has what he or she would need to keep warm outside will help make this inconvenience as smooth and easy as it can be. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.


Yearbook sale is now until Feb. 2nd. $30.00 each

Update Contact Information

Please send in your new contact information if it has changed since the beginning of school. It is VERY important that we can get in touch with someone if we need to contact you for any reason. As winter approaches, we need to be able to determine how your child would get home if we have to leave school early. Please help us by providing us with the information needed.

Please check your child's backpack each night

Remember...Parent pick up ends no later than 3:15 each day. We have had several issues with students not getting picked up on time. If you cannot pick you child up on time, we will need to look into them riding the bus home. Our teachers and staff have families as well and need to be able to get home to take care of those families. Thanks ahead of time for you understanding!

Your child's jackets

Please make sure to write your child's name on their jackets and other personal items. We have an abundance of unclaimed items weekly. These items will eventually be donated to charity when they are unclaimed. Please help us solve this issue.

Visitor Lunch Cost

If you are coming to eat lunch with your child/children, visitor lunch cost is $3.50. Please have correct change because we do not keep money to make change.

BonDeCroft News

Please remember the importance of your child/children being at school each day! Make every effort to schedule appointments when school is out or in the afternoons.

The school needs documentation (parent note or doctor note) to be able to excuse absences. Please know that 3 tardies is equivalent to 1 unexcused absence. If we do not receive the required note(s), these days will remain unexcused.

Please remember that five (5) days of unexcused absences constitute truancy, and the White County School System is required by law to address truancy. You may be able to prevent a court appearance by scheduling a meeting or contacting the school to discuss what to do next.

From The Nurse:

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Menu For the Week

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Important Events:

Feb. 7th - Kindergarten and 5th Grade Graduation Pictures

PTO News:

Valentine's Day Sale - Due February 8th

Title 1 Tidbits

Go to the following link to access the State Report Card.