Got Silk?

Spider goats are sweeping the nation!

Randy Lewis and other researchers from the University of Wyoming and Utah State University have found a way to inject spiders' dragline silk gene into goat embryos. This causes goats to be able to produce the protein in their milk.
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Taking a look at these goats who had the gene injected in them, you can clearly see there is no difference. They look and act just like any normal goat would. Injecting the gene is harmless.

How is it done?

1. Scientists take the genetic code from the golden orb-weaver,because their silk is stronger than human ligaments.

2. Then, they inject the gene, from the golden orb-weaver, into the DNA of an embryo of a goat.

3. Next, they plant the embryos into a mother goat.

4. Last, 18 months after the mutant goat is born, the scientists will be able to extract the silk from the milk by skimming the fat out of the milk. With the same milk, then the scientists can extract the silk.

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