by andrea zybert

Becoming a citizen

How to be a good citizen

To be a good citizen really all you have to do is follow the rules set and there should be no problem


some rights you are entitled to have are

  1. the freedom to express yourself
  2. the right to a fair trial by jury
  3. the right to vote
  4. the right to run for elected office
  5. the freedom to pursue "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness"


things that you don't have to follow but that can be expected you to do these things are optional

  • defending the constitution
  • being informed of the issues in your community
  • helping out with election campaigns
  • improve your local community
  • influence government by expressing your opinions
  • and volunteering


  • obey the laws set for the country and you town
  • defend the nation against threats to peace and security
  • serve in a jury or as a witness in court
  • pay taxes
  • attend school
  • respect the right of others

The Political Spectrum

Meaning of Parties

Far left-means that you are a democrat and that you want more government involvement

Liberal -means that you are more of a democrat and that you sort of want more government involvement

Far right-means that you are a republican and that you want less government involvement

Conservative- means that you are more of a republican and that you want less government as well

Parties and their Views on things

National Security

  • Republicans feels that peace is met through strength and that we need to be strong in our armed forces but be peaceful with other countries. Alliances lead to greater peace and stability.
  • Democrats feel that it is the most important thing to have a strong armed forces and that they all should have support as well as the families.
  • Libertarians feel that there should be no alliances and that we should have no military action and that we should be peaceful with everyone so that way we wont need a military.
  • Green party people believe that the troops should come back home and that all weapons of destruction should be destroyed.


  • Republicans believe that there should be a free market and that government should not get involved in any businesses problems and that is they fail they fail.
  • Democrats believe that the government should get involved in businesses and that they should get more people and that the gov should create more jobs in that way.
  • Libertarians believe that if businesses fail, they should fail they believe that the only government involvement should be to protect property rights, settle disputes and provide laws that promote free trade.
  • Green party believes that everyone should be well educated and raised right by the community and by parents. they believe that there should be an atmosphere of love and security.


Qualifications & why its important

Anyone can vote as long as you are 18 and over , also you have to be a citizen of the United States

its a good thing to vote because you get a say in who is in charge of the country. Its a way to have a say in how things are run.

places to vote

I would go to Gilbert H Hood middle school because im in district 4. You would go to the place of voting depending on what district you are in.