Chris Hadfield: A Leader

By Saad Saud

Everyone knows the famous Canadian astronaut!

But, what's the reason why so many people know him that well? I like to think that it's because of his unique ways of exploring the world. He's a leader that's creative, social, and inspires people!

He's Creative

Chris Hadfield was always a very creative person. He wanted to use his advantage of being in outer space. He stepped into a leadership position and decided to use his power to educate young children of the world. Using music and other forms of media, he taught kids fun ways to learn about science and space.

He's Social

Chris Hadfield used social media to bring interest and awareness of outer space into people around the world. Just when the world was starting to lose interest, Chris decided to start updating his twitter with pictures of him doing daily activities in a space craft and singing in outer space. This brought a lot of attention to him from people wanting to know more about space and what happened there. He used his sense of humor on social media sites such as twitter and youtube to keep people interested and amused by his posts.

He's Inspirational!

Chris Hadfield is the ultimate role model. As a child, he aspired to be an astronaut even when Canada didn't have an astronaut program. There is a quote from him that I really like in which he says, "Don't let life kick you into the adult you don't want to become". For me, that is a really inspirational quote because it is telling me to be whatever makes me happy in the world no matter what society says. Chris Hadfield became the first Canadian to walk freely in space. He followed his dreams, and since he came into a leadership position, he's been encouraging others to do so as well!

Chris Hadfield demonstrates leadership in many ways!

From teaching children about science, to using social media in a creative way, Chris Hadfield inspires many individuals across the world.