6th grade Boys Basketball Coach

Job Opening deadline 10/30

Pacheco School is seeking a 6th grade Boys Basketball Coach

Expectations/Qualifications of Head Coach for Athletic Sports at Pacheco School When assuming the title of “head coach” at Pacheco School, the students, parents, staff, and community members should expect the following leadership from the coach and their coaching staff: Expectations

● Encounter all situations with honor and integrity, and be accountable for all actions

● Represent and implement the core values of the District’s mission and vision

● Be on time each day to practice/games and have the same expectations for your athletes

● Conduct a player/parent meeting to discuss player expectations, parent expectations, and review and sign the Pacheco School Code of Conduct contract. This meeting must be held immediately after tryouts, once the team is established

● Players’ medical information and emergency contact forms must be in possession at all practices and games

● Establish a communication system with the athletic director, school office, and player’s families (group text, etc.) for transportation purposes, cancellations, tournament time changes, emergencies, coach absence/illness, etc.

● Lock all facilities after game/practice and help restore facility to original condition

● Be the last one to leave! Make sure all students are picked up and accounted for after practice and games.

Qualifications The following criteria must be completed prior to season tryouts

● Must be 18 years or older

● Complete all required district new hire paperwork, including background check and fingerprints

● Complete all state and district required mandated training

● Possess knowledge of in-game rules and coaching strategies

● Interview with District Athletic Director and/or District Administration

Please apply at: https://www.edjoin.org/pachecounion