Lineville Technology

By: Kaylee Steffen

Typing Web

- For typing you have to finish the intermediate course by the end of the semester.

- Everyday when you come in you find your seat and start typing for five minutes.

- When you finish the intermediate course you get your picture taken and then you move on to the advance course.


- For this project you do an iTrailer about anything that you want.

- The next time you have technology (after this project is submitted) you have a chance to share you trailer with the class.

- When you put pictures in it can't be from off the web.

Haiku Deck

- Your Haiku Deck is on your dream job.

- You have to have ten slides or more (including the tile page.)

- When everyone has finished with their projects you have to pick a day to present your project with the class.

Explain Everything

- This project is a math project.

- There is ten questions to choose from and you pick one question.

- In this project you have to type the question that you pick, you have to show how to solve it, then you have to voice record you talking about how you solved this problem.

Career Locker

- Mrs. VandenBoogaard comes and leads this unit.

- Career Lockers goes on for five days.

- You do a lot of activities and assessments to see what job would match things that you like to do.


- You get graded on how far you get for coding.

- To get a three you have to make it to stage seven.

- The higher you get the more challenging it is.