Beasley Updates

For the Week of October 19, 2015

Facilitating the Beasley Vision

Hello Beasley Professionals:

Today, I heard an inspiring message and thought of our work at Beasley. No one really talks about the good things that you all do and tend to focus on the negative. "When people complain things remain, however, when you praise you raise!" I praise you all! We may not have a Promethean Board or state of the art technology in every classroom. However, a Promethean Board could never take the place of you! We value our teachers and staff. You are the core of what will make our school successful. Thank you for all of your hard work and your commitment to our school.

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Argument Centered Literacy -CIWP 1

Last week you received Christopher Columbus mentor texts to support your instruction in argument centered literacy. The essential question: Was Christopher Columbus a hero or villian?" was the instructional topic. Featured is Mr. Meallet's 7th grade Social Studies class engaged in argumentative debate. Our next steps are to determine how can this approach assist you in REACH Domains 1 a-d and 3 a-d when it comes toward improving your instructional practice. More evidence is needed to support this instructional approach within your curriculum maps. There is an intentional focus for 6th-8th grade to contain this instructional approach within core subject areas.

Pre-Algebra and Algebra Focus - CIWP 2

I would like to thank the members of the 7th-8th grade Math Vertical Teams (Ms. Smith, Ms. Thornton, Ms. Newberry and Ms. Mitchell) for their collaborative input. We met on Friday, October 16th to discuss how we can strengthen our math curriculum and instruction. Through our collaboration we determined the following Problems of Practice (POP):

1. How can we teach or reteach the non-negotiable deficiencies that were identified with some students before we can address new CCSS objectives?

2. How can the Math Enrichment courses really help to close the achievement gap?

3. How can we make our math instructional math pacing more intentional?

As a result to the teachers' POP, I have created a Math Coherence Map. Thanks to Ms. Smith (7th) for this wonderful idea! The Math Coherence Map spells out math objectives weekly and specified assessment dates. This will provide the ILT and Teacher Teams with multiple forms of math data to direct our meetings.

In addition, the Math Coherence Map considers giving an additional week of teaching or reteaching as Intro lessons to deficiencies that students may have. Please see the attached Beasley Math Coherence Map. Great job Math Team!

Ms. Thornton (7th) also suggested using Algebra Tiles in instruction. Please see the attached link from and it is titled Working with Algebra Tiles. The provides a tutorial for students about how to use math tiles in algebra.

Lastly, I wanted to let you know that the HS Algebra I, Algebra Initiative Certification applications (both the University coursework and Course Waiver application) are available on the Knowledge Center under the Algebra Coursework Opportunity page.

Additionally, because Beasley is currently offering HS Algebra I to our middle grade students this would be the perfect opportunity for more Beasley teachers to become certified to teach Algebra. Our goal is to have more of our Beasley staff to be certified to teacher HS Algebra I in the Middle Grades to their well prepared students. We need your help to get there!

Specific information of each application is included within the Algebra Coursework Opportunity page on the Knowledge Center. The due dates are as follows:

  • Waiver application due - 10/26/2015
  • University coursework application due - 10/28/2015

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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Next Generation Science Standards/Science Fair - CIWP 3

Kudos goes to Ms. Williams (3rd) for conducting hands on science experiments in the classroom. K-5 teachers are encouraged to use your FOSS Kits to supports students discovery learning in science.

The 6th-8th grade students should start generating ideas about possible topics for science fair projects. At this time, upper grade science teachers are to teach and/or review the scientific inquiry process with students. The Beasley Math Coherence Maps address Statistics & Probability in students' math enrichment courses. This strategy provides an interdisciplinary coherence for student learning.

I would like to acknowledge Mr. Berdell (7th) for his Family Genetics Projects in that students had to argue and defend their genetic heredity through tracing their family trees. Nice job!

Reminders for the Week

10/19 ASAS Program begins, Ms. Hickman is the ASAS coordinator.

10/19 Dr. BC Out the Building @3:00 p.m. to attend LSCAB Meeting.

10/21 Office of Selective Enrollment Open House for prospective new parents (9:30 - 11:00)

10/21 Boy Scout Meeting @ 4:00 in Commons C

10/21 7th/8th Argument Education Literacy PD with Les Lynn, presenter 9:45

10/22 Instructional Leadership Team (ILT) 7:45

10/22 HCRC Principal's Meeting

10/23 Walking to Success 7th/8th Grade Field Trip.

10/24 Beasley Hosts CPS Middle School Debate Tournament

Instructional Leadership Team (ILT)

The ILT met on Thursday, October 14th. We discussed the following topics:

1. Classroom Learning Walks. An ILT teacher schedule is being made to visit classrooms to share feedback about our school wide TIA.

2. Argument Approach in Math. All teachers were asked to provide a math problem that was done incorrectly. Then, students were to deconstruct the math problem citing the correct evidence and reasoning for the mistake through the use of argumentative writing. We asked that you provide an algebra or measurement/estimation problem to your ILT leader to be used as data for our next ILT meeting scheduled on Wednesday, October 21.

3. GradeBook Audits- If more than 20% of your classroom is failing then the grade is not reliable. Part of the audit process is to make sure that you have 3 grades entered a week and that the failure rate is not high. The ILT duly noted that the Progress Report grade is to serve as a warning for students and parents about the child's progress. However, for the purpose of the Report Card if more than 20% of the class failed the activity you should not consider letting the grade stand.

We would like to thank the following teachers who agreed to be on the ILT this year. If there is any teacher who would like to serve on the ILT please let me know.

K- Ms. Fanella and Ms. Hickman

1st - Aricka Harris

2nd - Ms. McGowan

3rd - Ms. Munn

4th - Ms. Beck and Ms. Cooper

5th - Ms. Johnson

6th - Ms. Tabb and Ms. Thornton

7th - Mr. Berdell

8th - Mr. Clark

SEL- Mr. Dowell

Attached is a online link for teachers to use to give you ideas about strategies to support our ILT action for students when it comes to defending math problems. Please see visit

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Have a great work week!

You are the Best! - Dr. BC