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May 16-24

Last Week's Learning

We had so much fun on Field Day! We had sunny weather and lots of fun activities to play. THANK YOU to the parents who volunteered to run a station so that our students could have a special day. Check out these pictures:
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Upcoming Events

There are many, many special events this week as we begin to wind down to our last day of school on Tuesday, May 24.

Monday, May 16

Math Facts Challenge Reward, 2:30 -- Students who have passed all of their fact tests will watch a BMX bike show. Everyone in our math class has passed their tests!

Tuesday, May 17

4th/5th Grade Spelling Bee, 9:00 -- We will cheer on our spelling bee competitors, Nik Graff and Joshua Bolinger.

Ms. Miller's STARS Club Field Trip, 10:15 -- A few students from our class will miss math and science on Tuesday. They will have a little bit of make-up work to do in science.

Wednesday, May 18

Scholastic Book Fair, 1:30 -- We are having one final book fair, and all of the books are "Buy One, Get One Free." Our class will only visit this one time, so please send money with your child on Wednesday if they plan to shop. If students bring money on Thursday or Friday, they may go down to quickly make their purchases.

Wax Museum & Invention Convention, 2:30 -- We will visit a wax museum put on by Mr. Van Paris's class and see inventions created by Ms. Miller's students.

Book Buddy Celebration, 3:00 -- We will meet with our kindergarten book buddies one final time this year and celebrate with a special treat and play time together on the playground.

Thursday, May 19

Step Up to 5th Grade, 9:00 -- The entire 4th grade will meet with the 5th grade teachers to find out what to expect next year. Students will NOT be meeting with their homeroom teachers as class lists will not be published until right before next school year begins.

3rd Grade Wax Museum, 2:15 -- We will check out the third grade biography projects.

Egg Drop Challenge, 3:00 -- Be sure your child has completed the egg drop packet and brings his/her egg protector to school that day. You don't need to send an egg; I will have plenty for the students to use.

Friday, May 20

Kickball Game, 10:20 -- My class has an annual kickball game versus Ms. Miller and Mrs. Stevenson's classes. Students have earned playing time by making their AR goals each quarter this year. It's a fun way to celebrate reading!

Final PRIDE Convocation, 2:15 -- Value of the Month students from April and May as well as two Extra Credit winners and a Spirit Leader will be honored, and I have already contacted their parents. Honor Roll, Perfect Attendance, and Reaching for Success students will be recognized as a group and asked to stand. If you plan to attend the convocation, please return the sign-up sheet that was sent home last week.

Monday, May 23

Kindy 500, 10:20 -- We will cheer for our kindergarten book buddies as they race their cars in the annual Kindy 500.

Owl Pellet Dissection, 11:00 -- The kids will work with a partner to sort through the regurgitated pellet to find the bones of whatever animal the owl had consumed.

AR Pizza Party, 12:20 -- Students who have earned 100 or more AR points will enjoy a pizza party at lunch!

Kevin Cougar and the ISTEP Steppers Concert, 2:00 -- Mr. Johnston's class will review everything we've learned this year in social studies with their annual concert.

Tuesday, May 24

Yearbook Signing, 10:20 -- The fourth grade will have a special time for students to sign each other's yearbooks. Please make sure your child brings his/her yearbook. If students did not purchase a yearbook, they will have a memory book we are making next week that they can have signed instead.

Picnic Lunch, 12:20 -- We will celebrate the last day of school with a picnic lunch together outside. Students can bring their lunch or purchase a school lunch.

Specials Schedule

Monday--Library, Tuesday--Music, Wednesday--Art, Thursday--Gym, Friday--Computer Lab, next Monday -- Library, next Tuesday -- Music

**Ms. Wright has asked for students to return their library books this Monday. If students are in the middle of a chapter book, however, I would like them to be able to finish their books. If it is not a book I have in my classroom library, I will renew the books under my name for the students. Books should be finished by Friday and AR quizzes taken to count toward page totals for 4th quarter. Students should plan to meet their goals by Friday morning.

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What We Are Studying This Week

DOL/Work Work -- This week the students will do our final week of Daily Paragraph Editing, Week #16, and there will be quiz on Friday. There is no Word Work this week!

Math -- This week we will learn how to convert improper fractions to mixed numbers and vice versa. Students will also practice how to add/subtract fractions with unlike denominators. I have several games planned to practice these skills. On Thursday we will have a final test over the fraction concepts we've been learning. In class on Wednesday, we will review all of these skills, and that night's homework will be an extension of that review. There will be homework on Monday and Wednesday this week.

Science -- We will finish Unit 4 this week, wrapping up Lesson 2 on adaptations and also studying Lesson 4 on how living things adapt to human impact. There will be homework assignments on Monday and Tuesday, but if students use their time wisely in class, they can probably finish both of them at school. On Wednesday we will review Unit 4 by doing the end-of-unit questions together and reading a study guide. There will be a test over Unit 4 on Thursday.

Don't forget about the Egg Drop Challenge on Thursday afternoon! Students will design the protector at home and test it twice before the egg drop at school. There are 11 questions for the students to answer, and the egg protector and packet should be returned to school on Thursday. **I will supply everyone's egg on Thursday.

Next Monday, the students will dissect owl pellets and complete a short written assignment about owls, their digestive process, and their food web. After an owl eats the small rodents, birds, and bugs that are a part of its nightly diet, its stomach cannot digest the fur, bones, teeth, feathers, and insect shells from that food. These “extra” parts are formed into a tight pellet inside the owl and are then are later regurgitated by the owl. The students will work in pairs to pull apart the pellets with toothpicks. Then they will sort the bones that they discover and try to piece together a small skeleton to see what animal the owl may have eaten. For some students, this is a dreaded, disgusting assignment. For others, it's fascinating. Actually, everyone usually does a great job and learns a lot, too.

Reading & Language -- We will finish reading the novel Among the Hidden this week. There is a short assignment over Chapters 21-30 that will be due on Thursday, and there will also be a quick multiple-choice test over the novel. If your child is interested in reading the next book in the series, look for Among the Imposters at the public library or bookstore. I think they have enjoyed this futuristic genre! On Monday we will begin our final writing project. Chris Van Allsburg, the author/illustrator of the picture books we read from our basal reading books last week, has published a book of pictures called The Mysteries of Harris Burdick. Harris Burdick was himself an author/illustrator who brought one illustration for each of his 14 stories to publisher Peter Wenders in the 1950s just to see if Wenders liked his work. Burdick was supposed to return with the stories the next morning, but he was never heard from again. The students will choose one of Burdick's illustrations, which each have a title and one quote from the original story, and write their own story to go along with it. The illustrations are quite mysterious themselves, so the students will have fun using their imaginations to dream up matching stories.

Social Studies -- The special events we will attend this week will take up all of our social studies time. If possible, the students may read a Time for Kids magazine this week to learn about some current events.

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This Week's Cartoon

While there are many events that are meant to be fun and memorable for students at the end of the year, they still need to remember to show their PRIDE by following our student expectations. Please review these with your child:

P--Put Safety First

R--Respect Everyone

I--Insist on Your Personal Best

D--Demonstrate Responsibility

E--Empathize with Others

Self-control is important for the students to learn, and I've already talked to them about having fun without crossing the line to inappropriate behavior. I appreciate your support in this so that we can end the year on an amazing note!

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Mrs. Kara Silver

4th Grade Teacher

Clarks Creek Elementary

Plainfield Community Schools