FINAL Weekly Preview 5/23/16

Room 504

This is it!

Hi everyone!!! I apologize for being late with our final weekly preview! Can you believe I just said that?!? I definitely can't! We are down to 3 more jam packed days to finish out our year!

Tuesday- FIELD DAY- Wear Purple and comfy clothes

Wednesday- Day of the Arts- Watch 2 performances

Thursday- 2:15 Awards

Thank you so much for making me feel so welcomed to DM!! It has been a complete honor to be a part of your child's education! It's always bittersweet at the end of a year, but this class will ALWAYS be close to my heart!!! You are raising amazing children!!!!!!!

Highlights from Last Week

Video of the Week

I absolutely adore this video!!! Thank you for being heroes to your children!!
For the Heroes: A Pep Talk From Kid President

This Week's Content

Wrapping it all up!! :)




Social Studies-

NO Homework!!! :)

**Students should read at least 20 minutes every night (can be literature circle book) and practice math facts either on Xtra Math or other math games (flashcards, etc.).

Monday-Friday: All students in my reading class have either 1 or 2 chapters to read in their Literature Circle books. They should also have at least 2 flags for each chapter showing their thinking. In addition, they will have an activity pack to complete by the next Monday going with their Literature Circle book. We will be reading our chapters and flagging at school this week.

Monday-Friday: All students in my math class will typically have a math Study Link each day. However, it depends on the lesson so it can vary. This week, they will not bring home any homework due to ISTEP.

Monday: Students will bring home their weekly reading newsletter with spelling words, vocabulary words and concepts for the week.

Thursday: none

Friday: Reading Review Quiz

This Week's Vocabulary Words

No Vocab this week!

This Week's Spelling Words

No Spelling this week!

This Week's Events

Monday- nothing

- Field Day- Wear Purple

Wednesday- Day of the Arts

Thursday- 2:15 Awards in the Gym

Friday- Nothing