KidSpring Connections

October 16, 2016

KidSpring Core Values

  1. Safety
  2. Creative Bible Teaching
  3. Age Appropriateness
  4. Relationships
  5. Fun

Relationships are 1 of our 5 values in KidSpring! We facilitate relationships in so many ways! Relationships among our volunteer teams, relationships between volunteers and kids, relationships among kids in small groups, and relationships with parents. Often, I think parent relationships are the things that slip our mind the most. This past week we heard feedback from a first time mom that her kids LOVED KidSpring, and she called the volunteer in her child's room by name! That means she's already made a personal connection with someone at our church. She said they would definitely be back this week!

The sheep hear his voice, and he calls his own sheep by name and leads them out. -John 10:3

Jesus knows your name. Knowing a person’s name is like crossing an ocean into his world. Knowing a name opens us to the miracle of community. Nameless greetings are friendly but they are not the things families are made of. No one introduces his brother as “what’s-his-name” or "Seth's dad."

If you believe that a knowing someone's name can help us turn anonymous transactions with parents into known community, then let's take steps this week to greet parents by name.

FearBusters Family Movie Night

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Saturday, Oct. 22nd, 4-6:30pm

1 Exposition Drive

Greenville, SC

You’re invited to our Fearbusters Movie Night, featuring Disney movie Monster’s Inc. We’ll have FREE popcorn — and lots of fun!

We're inviting all volunteers and all KidSpring families for us to have a night of fun connecting with each other.

Go ahead & save the date!

This Week in KidSpring

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FEARBUSTERS | "We're Not Scared!"


FEARBUSTERS | "Fearless"

"Set an Example" Song