English For Tourists

The key to open frontiers


This specific English course should be used by people going to an English speaking country for traveling purposes. This section has useful information to help you communicate basic needs in English.

  • Listen to the audio files to listen to native English speakers and improve your English for traveling.

  • Watch the videos and practice the real situations with role plays to improve your English for traveling.


The learners after the exposition and participation of this course will be able to interact in daily different situations in English speaking countries; besides that, the learners will be able to participate actively using commands needed to make themselves understood with an appropriate vocabulary that will identify them as users of English.


The course will be focus on different specific objectives such as general vocabulary, grammar rules for the construction of oral speech and writing if the case warrants; description of images; formulating comments, questions, suggestions and so on. The course also wraps sociolinguistic and cultural knowledge of the language being studied, such as greetings, farewells, compliments, and ways of apologizing among others. Through each unit, the learner will be able to interact with the appropriate vocabulary and phrases in each situation and locations; e.g. specific language for being in the airports, hotels, restaurants, shops and meeting people.


Here you will relevant information about the course in term of what content they will find, which is the learner's profile and the minimum requirement to succes in this interesting and helpful course addressed for people who planning to travel.


The course will test the knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, fluency and pronunciation; in accordance with the standards of the Common European Framework, with the use of quizzes, activities practice with video and audio recording, surveys of foreknowledge and final evaluation.

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Learn English - Travel Vocabulary

Learn important, basic words you will need when you travel. Knowing a little English vocabulary can help a lot when you are travelling. Whever you are going in the world, you can almost always find someone who speaks some English. I'll teach you how a "tourist attraction" is different from a "tourist trap". What about "sight seeing"? Do you know what an "itinerary" is? Do you have your travel documents? Get ready for your English to take flight!

Learn English - Travel Vocabulary