December 4th Newsletter

Look at what we've accomplished! :)

Language Arts

Writing: In writing we have been learning about and exploring Personal Narratives. Students have chosen a draft that they would like to create into a book. In the next few weeks we will be working towards completing our Personal Narrative books. We will be going through the steps of revising, proofreading, editing and publishing.

Reading: We finished reading the book Sadako and discussed how the author showed empathy in their writing. Ms. Jones' class has been focusing on Figurative Language and Miss Cavaliere's class will be exploring Figurative Language in the upcoming days. Both classes will begin to read a new novel before Christmas break to practice visualizing what we are reading. In Miss Cavaliere's class we have had some mini lesson focuses on story elements and characters, working together with our class novel and having some independent practice in our book club books.

Grammar: Students will be taking a quiz over nouns on Wednesday 12/9. After this quiz, we will be starting a short unit on subject, object, possessive, and demonstrative pronouns. Then we will begin verbs based on the fourth grade standards at the beginning of 3rd quarter!


In the past few weeks we have been working though Unit 5. Unit 5 is all about extended multiplication, rounding large numbers and comparing data. Students have received their Unit 5 Study Guide and the test is scheduled for Friday 12/11. After our test we will be reviewing the math concepts we have learned so far this year, along with working on Math Facts. Reviewing these concepts is important so the students can continue to grow in math. We will begin Unit 6 at the start of 3rd quarter.


We have finished up our unit all about Health and Nutrition. We have started our next unit on The Properties of Matter. We will continue to learn about the different states of matter, along with how to measure matter. The students will have some hands on experiments and activities to help understand these ideas!

Social Studies

In Social Studies we have been focusing on the different regions of the United States. So far, students have learned about The Northeast, Southeast and The Midwest. In the upcoming weeks, students will learn about The Mountain States, The Southwest and The West. It is a new fourth grade standard that we teach the States and Capitals. Students are making a flip book as a project that will act as an assessment over the regions, States and Capitals, instead of having a big test! We are planning to finish up all the regions and finish the flip books before Christmas break!


In religion we are finishing up Chapter 5, which is all about The Son of God. Students will receive their chapter reviews this week and their quiz is scheduled for Tuesday 12/15. After the Chapter 5 Quiz we will move right into Chapter 6. Chapter 6 is about The Death and Resurrection of Jesus. We will move pretty quickly through Chapter 6, so the students can take their quiz before Christmas break.

Advent Tree

When we went to mass on Friday we noticed that our Advent Giving Trees in the Church still have a lot of tags on them. The gifts are due back at this weekends masses. If the tags do not get taken, families will not receive gifts for Christmas this year. We would like to invite families who are able, to come and take a tag to help make someone's holiday season special. You may also send a donation and we will make sure it gets to the Church office, so other gifts can be purchased.Your generosity is much appreciated this time of year!

Upcoming Dates:

12/7--No School

12/8--No School

12/9--Book Reports due

12/9--Noun Quiz

12/11--Unit 5 Math Test

12/15--Chapter 5 Religion Quiz

12/15--AR Points and Math Facts due

12/15--PTO Meeting at 6:50pm in the Social Hall

12/17--3rd, 4th and 5th Grade Musical (Matinee at 1:30pm and Evening Performance at 6:50pm)

12/22--Chapter 6 Religion Quiz

12/22--Christmas Party at 10:45am

12/22--Half Day (Christmas break begins)