A Day In History

By Mit and Elizabeth

Recess Was Different In The 1860's

Recess was different in the 1860's

The recess is different because you have limited choices like tag, snap the whip, marbles, jakes, hoops, ring toss and play with the jump ropes.

Today we can play tag, swing on the swings, play kick ball, play soccer, pac man, basket ball, play in the sandbox, play with the jump ropes, four corners and freeze tag.

This is how you play tag: you need at least 3 people or more and you need 1 tagger out of those 3 or more people. Then the tagger can tag people when the tagger tags someone the person who got tagged is it.

This is how you play snap the whip: Everybody holds hands and there is one leader who tries to separate the children.

Now lets teach you marbles: There is a circle on the ground and you put all the marbles in the middle of the circle and keep one out of the circle and try to knock the marbles out of the circle. With the big marble.

Now lets play jacks: This is how. Get 10 JACKS and one bouncy ball. Through the jacks on the floor and bounce the ball UP. Now grab as many jacks as you can. If the ball bounces put them back on the floor if the ball doesn’t touch the ground keep the jacks. YOU CAN ONLY USE ONE HAND FOR PICKING UP THE JACKS AND FOR CATCHING THE BALL.

I know this is long but this is how to play hoops: Get a fat hoop and a stick and roll the hoop on the ground then get the stick and make it keep on rolling. YOU CAN ONLY USE THE STICK TO LET IT ROLL.

This is how you play ring toss: You need a stool and a huge ring. Flip the stool upside down and throw the rings until it lands in a leg of the stool. Then you win.

That’s what the recess was like in the 1860’s.