Fahari Family Newsletter

November 2014 1st Edition

Attention Fahari Families,

Fahari is excited to introduce our 1st Family Newsletter! This memo will have regular updates for parents and families about news and events taking place in our Fahari community. You can access the newsletter via print form sent home with your child, email, our website at fahariacademy.org , and Fahari's social media pages such as Facebook. You can look forward to getting a Fahari Family Newsletter every 2 weeks!

Fahari is on the RISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our new NYC School Chancellor, Ms. Carmen FariƱa has implemented new ways to evaluate New York City public schools: the School Quality Snapshot and School Quality Guide. These reports will replace the Progress Report. They are designed to provide a more complete picture of school quality based on multiple measures.

The School Quality Snapshot is designed to provide families with a concise picture of the quality of each school in a user-friendly format.

Fahari Academy's results for the 2013-14 school year are listed below..........

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2014-15 Goals towards ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How parents can support school goals towards academic excellence