Second Grade News You Can Use

April 4-8, 2016

A Note From Mrs. Graham

I am happy to report that most of us in room 115 that ended up sick last week are feeling better. Be vigilant with your hand washing and remind your children not to share drinks or food. This is also a good time to remind everyone to check the handbook about when it is appropriate and safe to send a recovering child back to school.

I appreciate the class being flexible last week. We will certainly try to jump back on track this week.

Important Dates

4/8 : Rescue Rex visits NCS

4/11: Teacher In-service No School

4/12: $18 and permission slip for School in the Wild ($10 credit if your child did not go to Big Bad Wolf, but paid.)

4/18: School in the Wild for Second and Third Graders!

4/19: Second grade does Chapel (This is a change from last week)

4/23: Spring Fling


New Story: Two of Everything (Folktale) and Stone Soup (Folktale)

HIgh Frequency Words: eight, near, once, paper, seven, upon, wash, who, woman, your

New Vocabulary Words: search, contained, startled, odd, leaned, tossed, grateful, village

Vocabulary Strategy: Antonyms

Target Skills: Understanding Characters and Point of View


New Spelling Words: Longer words with long vowels a and i

aim, snail, bay, braid, ray, always, gain, sly, chain, shy, bright, fright

Words from writing: once, upon, only

Challenge Words: CONTAIN and THIGH


Adding and Subtracting in Inches, Measuring in Inches and Feet, Estimating Length in Feet, Choosing a Tool, and Displaying Measurement Data are the topics of learning in Math this week.


This is a big week for our young scientists. They become the primary caregivers to painted lady butterfly larva and 4 tadpoles. The butterfly larva will mature and be ready for release before school is out. The tadpoles, however, are a 4 to possibly 14 month commitment depending on what type of frog they end up being. (I should have read the paperwork on them more carefully before ordering them.)


Today we watched Brainpopjr. Videos on Colds/Flu and Handwashing.

The rest of the week we will read Studies Weekly papers about Tennessee Folktales and Legends, Our Government, and our Rights and Responsibilities.


Lesson: Jesus Restores Peter John 21-15-19

Theme: We show our love for Jesus by helping others.

Memory Verse: Psalm 23:1-3