Ferrari 458 Speciale

D'Asia Hill and I'yanna Johnson


This is a 2014 ferrari 458 speciale with 1720 miles on it This ferrari comes decked out with exclusive, lightweight materials dominate. Yet, craftsmanship sophistication and hand-stitched leathers expected in such an exclusive Ferrari abound. Styling retains the 458 Italia's aesthetic sense, with some materials and forms actually overlapping for visual interest. The glove compartment is replaced with pockets on the tunnel and doors. The familiar Ferrari console bridge with F1 gearbox controls is formed from a carbon-fiber wing, placed at the ideal ergonomic angle to the driver. Sabelt seats use carbon-fiber shells for strength and light weight. Prodigious side bolstering keeps driver and passenger securely placed during rigorous driving. With Alcantara-trimmed shoulder rests, the seats also provide excellent surface grip. A breathable 3D fabric provides circulation from the backrests and seat bottoms. Under full factory warranty until 5/22/2017 and Free Genuine Maintenance until 5/22/2021.
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For Sale $395,000


Since the price of the car is $395,000 a down payment of 20% must be made. 20% of this car would be $79,000. How we got that answer was by multiplying 395,000 by .20. The reason you multiply it by .20 instead of 20 is because you would have to convert the percent into decimal by moving the decimal to spots to the left. Doing so will help you calculate how much the down payment would be.

Structure #1

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Structure #2

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Structure #3

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Analysis Questions

1. If you wanted to pay the least amount of money monthly, you would do the 3rd structure. Which would have you paying on the car for 7 years.

2. The third structure would be the least expensive in terms of interest compared to the other two. The first structure has $32,877.2 in interest. The second is the most expensive in terms of interest at $66,397.04. The third only has interest of $26,034.2. Refer to the picture below to get a closer look at how it was calculated.

3. The 2nd structure would be the least over the life of the loan. I got this answer by multiplying the monthly most of $4563.93 by 72 because thats how many months we would be paying on it. The total we would pay over the life of the loan would be $328,602.96

4. Listen to the recording below under the analysis question #2 picture

Analysis Questions #2

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Analysis Question #4 Audio


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(we created our own custom Ferrari for this project)

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