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Ernest Hemingway Biography

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Interesting Facts

  • Ernest's mom wanted a girl for her first child but instead she got a boy so to solve her problem she would dress Ernest up as a little girl.
  • Ernest said that in order for you to be a human you have to have struggles in your life.
  • In his life, Ernest had 4 wives.
  • Ernest won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1954.
  • Hemingway served in world war 1 as an ambulance driver for the Italian army.
  • Ernest did not go to college, instead he worked to achieve his one goal of becoming a journalist.
  • He wrote "A Farewell to Arms" as a result of the girl he was in love with backing out of a marriage proposal.
  • His first wife was Hadley Richardson who he fled to Paris with to later get a job with a foreign correspondent called Star.
  • His first Novel was called "The Sun Also Rises", in result to him and Hadley divorcing and a lady named Pauline, who he had an affair with, becoming his second wife.
  • After his divorce he then started working on a book of short stories called " Men Without Women".

More Interesting Facts

  • He had his first child in 1928 and it was a boy named Patrick Hemingway.
  • He also moved back to America, specifically Florida, after Patrick was born.
  • He wrote mostly, but when he wasn't writing he hunted African animals, went deep sea fishing, and/or went to Spain to participate in bullfighting.
  • His second Novel " For Whom the Bell Tolls" was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize.
  • Later he wrote a Novel called " The Old Man and the Sea" that actually won the Pulitzer Prize in 1951.
  • His greatest accomplishment was writing " The Old Man and the Sea", it was also his most famous novel he has ever written.
  • He suffered very deep depression, as well as, liver disease, and high blood pressure.
  • His last novel he wrote was " A Movable Feast", as a memoir the years he spent in Paris.
  • He committed suicide as well as all the men in his family.
  • His style of writing later was recognized as "short sentence", this style of writing is still used today.
Ernest Hemingway

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