Google with Student Accounts

How to create & share folders

student account basics

password = student id plus three zeros

i.e. 11424000

(FYI - not her real password so hacking her acct won't work!)

Ask your campus lab personnel or tech staff if you need help with student login info.

Remind students to sign out.

Start Sharing

Each student in your class should:

  1. Sign in to their MCISD provided Google account. (not their personal Google acct)
  2. Create a folder for your class and name it how you designate. (i.e. Jenkines-Astros, Student Name - Period/Class Name)
  3. Student will then share the folder with Teacher.
  4. Each new assignment for that class will be created in the folder now shared with the teacher.
  5. The teacher will then organize each class as necessary.