Drawing Conclusions

Who am I?

Who am I and how do my skills and talents help define me?

I am Jazmine Angelique Arellano. My skills and talents help make me an individual person.

I have a very artistic and organized mind for drawing and thinking up stories. I do not have many talents, unless you consider being colorful a talent, then that is my talent!

How do I relate to my family, community, and society?

I can relate to them in many ways. I can relate to my family by the fact that I am biologically related to them by blood. I can relate to people who have the same likes as me. We are all related by the fact that we are all human.

How do my emotions and wants/needs make me vulnerable?

I don't think my emotions make me weak, but some can make me seem vulnerable. My wants can seem childish, but I am still mature. My emotions can be ranged from curiosity to sadness; these may seem pitiful. The main things I may want could be from cupcakes to stuffed animal, and that will not change how strong-minded I am.

How do I learn best?

I believe that I learn best by doing hands on activities rather than having to listen to words and write down what is exactly said. It is easier to remember than having to read from a textbook. Some people remember things easier this way, while others remember written down information better. Although I prefer hands-on activities, writing down information is easier in English, and Science class.

What can I contribute as an individual?

As an individual, I can share many things with my community. I can share information through teaching other people about what I already know. I can help people learn how to add effects in drawing. I can lend people in middle school how to prepare for high school.