Inst. Practices in Ed & Training

Parent Communication

Student Designed Bulletin Boards

We spent class time discussing the importance of bulletin boards as a learning tool. All students were expected to design, sketch and display an interactive bulletin board in their host teacher's classroom. The bulletin boards had to be displayed by Friday, November 14. The bulletin boards were graded on the student's sketch and the actual board. The host teacher also had the opportunity to evaluate their bulletin boards. I am proud of all their hard work!!

All Day at the Host School

Students spent the entire school day at their host school on Friday, November 14. Students were expected to arrive at the start time of the elementary or middle school. All students were excused for school business. You might notice when they return home from the spending the day at their host school how exhausted they are. I can't wait to hear about their all day experience.

Check out more of the completed bulletin boards!!

Upcoming Projects!

Students have also been learning about the lesson planning process. We have talked about the importance of planning a lesson around the TEKS. Students will be expected to plan and execute a story lesson along with a interactive and coordinating activity. The lesson must be taught by December 5th for full credit.

Contact ME!

Please contact me with any questions or concerns. Email is the quickest way to get in touch with me.

End of first three weeks!

The end of the first three weeks is November 14th. I will be updating student grades over the weekend. Be on the lookout for progress reports to be delivered November 21st.