Everyone is Weird

Reflections on American Culture

Panel on International Student Experiences

Join the Center for International Education for this interesting and fun event. A panel of Nazareth international students will discuss their insights and discoveries (comical and otherwise) on global perceptions of American culture. Discussion and Pizza to follow!

Everyone is Weird

Thursday, Nov. 20th, 12:15pm

International Room, Shults Center

This event will take place during the lunch hour, and food will be provided! Join us for as long as you can and learn about the experiences of our international students! Contact lbarnar4@naz.edu for more information.

International Education Week, November 17th - 21st

This panel discussion is only part of a larger week-long event focused on promoting international educational experiences. International Education Week is celebrated across the United States in the third week of November. Nazareth College provides the campus and the Rochester community with an array of delightful cultural and scholarly programs that promote global citizenship.

The Center for International Education

Promoting global awareness, knowledge and understanding with experiences around the world.