E Team Newsletter

Week of September 2nd

Mastery Club is a HIT!

**Caution: This club is only for students wishing to step above and beyond the normal classroom experience, and take a chance in exploring the joy of learning**
The Mastery Club is a club for students who are interested in exploring and learning more about this amazing world of ours. You can take advantage of some class time to meet your goals, but the majority of the work will be your responsibility. All you have to do is learn all about the topic, and then come tell Ms. Ellis or Mrs. Esposito when you have mastered the skill so that we may schedule an appointment to take your challenge. You may become a 1-challenge member, all the way up to an 94-challenge member! The "Mastery Club Hall of Fame" is a tremendous honor and will be awarded to any student who earns at least 16 challenges during the school year. The list of students who have earned the right to forever be in the “Mastery Club Hall of Fame” will be posted in our rooms for the remainder of our teaching career. Currently, Ms. Ellis and Mrs. Esposito have 23 students from the last two years who are in our Mastery Club Hall of Fame! Learning never ends and your journey to becoming a Life-long learner begins here!

Last week, both classes practiced the colors of the rainbow, desert animals, verbs, lines of symmetry, and mammals. Many students are showing what they know or what they love by choosing the different challenges. We already have some students with 10 challenges completed! Way to GO!

Create Your World

Each year Blackburn Elementary School has a theme. This year our theme is "Create Your World." Last week, Ms. Ellis and Mrs. Esposito introduced this theme by showing and discussing the CD cover River of Dreams by Billy Joel. We asked the students to think of eight or more ideas that create their world. Students "Created Their World" and their "Worlds" are on display in our classrooms. We just loved getting to know the students through their creative worlds.

Success Celebration

One thing that Ms. Ellis and Mrs. Esposito love to do is Celebrate the Success of all students. Please be aware of the criteria for Blackburns Success Celebration.

Success Celebration Criteria

  • Students cannot have an N or U in conduct in any class.
  • Students cannot have any office or bus referrals.
  • Students cannot have any unexcused absences.
  • Students cannot have more than 3 tardies to school.
  • Students cannot have more than 3 early dismissals from school.

(Tardies and Early Dismissals will be excused for illness and medical appointments with a note)

PTO Information

  • Coupon Books sales are in full swing! Sell?Buy 5 get 1 free! All sales are due September 13th.
  • Box Top Turn in is Friday, September 13th
  • PTO is collection ink cartridges and old cell phones

Kelloggs Codes = Free Books

Who does not LOVE FREE books? Mrs. Esposito does!! If you purchase Kellogg's products and are not using the codes please send them in to Mrs. Esposito. Every 5 codes equals a free book for the classroom. Thank You!

Important Dates

  • Tuesday, September 10th - Chick-fil-A
  • Wednesday, September 11th - Fall Pictures
  • Friday, September 13th - Turn in Coupon Books, Box Tops, Coke Caps, Tyson Chicken Labels
  • Friday, September 20th - Ident-A-Kid pictures