Vatican II

What was it all about?

1958 Pope John XXIII- A Radical Forward Thinker? WE think NOT

John XXIII has taken over as head of the Catholic Church, after the death of Pope Pius XII. After eighteen years of Pius XII this man will most probably be a caretaker pope, nothing more than a man who will keep the wheels of the Vatican Bureaucracy in motion. As a person he is friendly, warm, harmless and humoourous. Your all round great bloke. Hardly a radical leader that will rattle the cage and give the Catholic church a shake up.

Who is this new Pope?

Surprise might well be the middle name of the Catholic Church's new leader. The down to earth John XXII has revealed why he broke with tradition and did not take the name 'Pius' as his name. The church has had four Pius's in the last 100 years and the choice of John was not on the cards. So why has he chosen the name John?

John was the name of his father and of the Parish in which he was baptised. Never before has a leader of the church spoken out with such open affection of their father. So perhaps this is a man of the times. A new aged thinking man has already made a change to the Vatican. After he received the customary kissing of his feet by the cardinals he eliminated the custom. He claims that the gesture had imperial overtones.

Shepherd in search of the Lost Sheep.

John XXIII has been giving hints as to his style of leadership. He speaks of being a shepherd and going out in search of the lost sheep. Maybe there are bigger things yet to come from this man.

Stony silence from the Cardinals ad Pope John XXIII drops a bomb on them.

' I announce to you my intention to hold a twofold event: a diocesan wide meeting for this city and an ecumenical council for the universal church.'

Preparing this council will be such a massive undertaking that it will take 4 years. Bishops will be totally free to suggest items or major themes for discussion. There will be world wide consultation. 2,000 bishops will come from around the world, along with their secretaries and advisers. It is expected that the world media will descend on the Vatican with such a major gathering of catholic bishops.