Department of Transportation

Jasmine McAlister

The United States Department of Transportation

The department of transportation (DOT) is to provide the United States with an fast, safe, efficient, accessible and convenient transportation system that meets our vital national interests and enhances the quality of life of the American people, today and into the future.


The Department of Transportation was established by an act of Congress on October 15, 1966. The Department’s first official day of operation was April 1, 1967. One of the famous former leaders was Alan S. Boyd (right). The current leader of the DOT is Anthony Foxx (left) which is the secretary of transportation.


The department of transportation has many agencies that they deal with, the DOT has over 55,000 people working for them. Some of there agencies include Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), and Surface Transportation Board (STB).

US Department of Transportation

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