The Vengeful Spirit and the House

Created by Sam Spitler

The Vengeful Spitit and the House

There was once a man who lived inside of a once beautiful home, and he thought he was very happy all of his life because he had lots of money and wealth. One day he was robbed, sending him bankrupt when he found his safe that was tightened with maximum security, was broken into with the door swinging lightly back and forth, with coins and bills and all types of valuable objects spread on the floor and some in the safe, the rest, as for them, they were gone. He vowed and swore on his sanity that he would find the thief, but alas, he never did.

One sad mourning, or morning for the man, it didn't matter which you said to him, the poor old Ben "Benny" Smith. He did his usual routine, always the most likely spoiled eggs, maybe a little of last nights sausage and biscuits to go with it, if he was having a particularly good day, he would even have a glass of orange juice. He heard a rapid knock on the door, like a crack-crack-pause-crack-crack-crack. The visitor must have been impatient for Benny, as if he had been expecting a 5-star service to go along with his ego. Benny answered the door and quietly asked with a bit of a sarcastic tone, "Yes, your almighty highness who dragged ME OUT OF BED AT THIS UNREALISTIC HOUR OF THE MORNING!" as he finished off with a piercing glare and raised tone. The man gave a cold stony look to the man as if he was insane, which he actually was, and replied with just as much gusto as Benny did, "I am Kyle O'Neil and deserve a little more respect than that, don't you think, since I can control whether you continue to live like a slob in that spectacular house of yours? I am from Mors Mutual Homeowners committee."

Then, after a very long and exhausting conversation with Mr. O'Neil in the comfort of his home, Benny was struck with fear as the man took away his home with a single sentence and phone call, setting the unfortunate, lonely Benny out on the streets with nothing but a bank account he would have to walk miles for as he could no longer pay for a car. After weeks on the streets, Benny caught a sickness. This sickness finished him off in a few days. But Benny didn't notice. He just kept on going, and going, and going, and going, and going, and going, and going, and going on and on, until he noticed on a rainy day. He went back to his usual spot, since he hadn't been there for a while. There was an awful scent clouding the area, and he wondered if those rats had gotten to his food again. He didn't know that that had been the least of his worries, until he saw himself crowded with rats and flies. It hit him in the gut like a train.

His spirit, or him, Benny, whoever he was anymore, the faceless, nondescript invisible man, went back to his old home since no one would notice him anymore, and since he could retrace paths he walked through in his life, he could go through closed doors. 'So there is an upside to this halfway alive Hell.', he thought to himself. He wafted on into his house, and laid himself onto the couch he once ate lousy chips and crackers on. He heard a small humming, like an annoying weasel trying to contain it's scream. He hated it. A man came into the room, who seemed oddly familiar in an arrogant sort of way. He hated that also.

It was not until weeks after he laid depressed, and angry on the couch, when it hit him. The man. It was him. The man who had the ever so irritating knock on his door, the snotty face with an upheld chin who informed him that he was going to be kicked out of his once elegant home. Benny then suddenly shot up from the coach roaring in anger and pure white hot rage. He then suddenly landed with a horrendous crack on the floor, and realized he how materialized into reality. It scared the man so much and Benny chased him spouting colorful swears and insults. He then caught the man and screamed at him and then realized that it wasn't just the man from the houseowners committee.

This was the thief.

So suddenly startled by the sudden scandalous scheme, Benny went back into a spirit form or whatever you wanted to call it. Over the next few weeks, Benny made sure the man was very frightened of him and that he would slowly spiral into madness just as he had because of his treacherous ways and actions. Once the man went completely insane and had died the terrible but somehow peaceful death Benny had, Benny had a weird feeling inside, like he was alive again, like he was going to rest a peac-