From Peanuts to Peanut Butter

By: Natalie Justice 3AS


Do you ever wonder where that delicious peanut butter comes from? Well peanut butter makes an interesting journey to your table.


First a farmer plants peanut seeds. Then the sun dries the seeds. Later the peanut seeds grow into peanuts.


When the peanuts are at the factory machines remove the shells. Then the workers check the peanuts to make sure the peanuts are good to eat. Then the peanuts are cooked in a big oven and taken out of the oven. Then the peanuts are smashed into a light brown and thick kind of liquid. Then they put the liquid in a jar. Then they get in a truck to go to the store.


When the peanut butter gets to the store workers put it in a aisle. Then its ready for someone to buy. But only for a good price. Then its ready for someone to buy and eat it.

Fun Facts

As you con see peanut butter makes an amazing journey to your table. But there are other fun facts about peanut butter. For example peanut butter is delicious. Second it makes a great snack. Finally it makes an amazing journey.


Now you know how amazing the journey of peanut butter is. So if you want to know more about peanut butter this is the right book for you.
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