Non-Verbal Communication

By: Isidro Vazquez

What is non verbal communication

Non-verbal communication are aspects while conversing that can affect the discussion with embedded natural reactions to certain triggers. When a person is attentive they'll notice the innuendos and nuances of a person while communicating which can reveal their purpose.


Gestures are movements made by an individual to express their meaning, others refer gestures as meaningless movements we learn from others as we grow up and implement into our way of communicating.


Voice dictates your the emotion and seriousness in different conversations. The tone in your voice varies on the gravity of the subject, the louder your voice the more excessive you are in expressing yourself. This differs when talking to people in formal situations to friendly occasions.
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In conclusion different types of non-verbal communication are used to express yourself, most of the time unintentional and other times on purpose to emphasize on certain discussions or explanations.