Rett Syndrome

Discovered in 1954, Affects an estimated 1 in 10,000 females

What is Retts Syndrome?

Rett's syndrome is a neurodevelopment disorder of the grey matter of the brain.

Symptoms and Affects

Babies will be born normally and behave normally until 6-18 months old. After that here are some things you mig notice. Slowed growth, Loss of normal movement and coordination, Loss of communication and thinking abilities, Unusual eye movement, breathing problems and manny more.

Sex- linked

Retts syndrome is sex- linked. Retts syndrome only affects females. It has affected an estimated 5 males since 1954.


As of today there are no known treatments for Retts syndrome. There is medicine prescribed to lessen the chance of seizures.

Created by Kylie Nimer and Alex Rustici