Folsom School News

January 2020

Dear Folsom Families,

It is with great pleasure to recognize Mrs. Stephanie LoSasso and Ms. Amanda Cirillo as the Folsom Educators of the Year! As you can imagine, the selection process was a difficult one due to the number of Folsom Educators worthy of this distinct honor. I would like to thank all the parents and students that nominated a Folsom Educator for this prestigious award. All letters of recommendation were shared with each nominee.

A little about Mrs. LoSasso and Ms. Cirillo…

Mrs. LoSasso began her teaching career at Folsom in 2013 and is currently in the role of a reading intervention teacher. Prior to Folsom, Mrs. LoSasso graduated from Rowan University with a specialization in history, elementary education, and teacher of students with disabilities. In addition, Mrs. LoSasso is presently in the reading specialist master’s program at Rowan.

Mrs. LoSasso does an outstanding job as a reading intervention teacher assisting students in the basic foundations of reading. We are fortunate to have an educator of her skill level at Folsom. Here is an excerpt from one of the nomination letters recognizing Mrs. LoSasso. “She works hard to create hands-on lessons that engage the wide variety of her students’ needs. Mrs. LoSasso’ s innate ability to understand academic and behavioral differentiation sets her apart. She does not hesitate to look for new or alternative methods and strategies to support her students. Mrs. LoSasso wants to see her students thrive and goes above and beyond to ensure it happens. She has made and continues to make a difference in the lives of students.”

Ms. Cirillo is currently the pre-kindergarten teacher at Folsom. Ms. Cirillo started at Folsom in 2008 and is a two-time recipient of this prestigious award (2012). Ms. Cirillo is a graduate of Stockton University specializing in early elementary education. Ms. Cirillo does a superb job engaging the young students in their first experience in public school. Ms. Cirillo successfully incorporates play-based experiences that are authentic to students’ lives. One letter of recommendation in support of Ms. Cirillo stated the following, “Miss Cirillo has gone above and beyond to make us feel comfortable in our first year/experience in Folsom school. Miss Cirillo has made our child feel special and it’s great to hear every day that she is loving her first year of school and all she gets to learn because of the work Miss Cirillo puts together.”

Mrs. LoSasso and Ms. Cirillo richly deserve the recognition and accolades for their excellence, enthusiasm, and focus on their professional practice.

Go Falcons!


Matthew Mazzoni, Ed.D.


January's Character Trait Is...

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Dates to Remember


Board of Education Reorganization Meeting 6:00 pm Library


American Girl Doll Tea Party


Geography Bee 9:00 am Gym


School Closed-Martin Luther King Jr. Day


Parent Information Night 6:30 pm *see flyer below


Kindergarten Field Trip


Falcon Friday-students and staff to wear spirit wear!

"The Bowl" 2 :00pm

Parent Information Night

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It's time to order your Yearbook!

Online orders can be made at

School code: 10868020

Order deadline: 4/8/2020

Yearbooks are $25 each.

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American Girl Doll Tea Party

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Spring 2019 New Jersey Student Learning Assessment for English Language Arts and Mathematics (NJSLA-ELA/M) Video Individual Student Reports (Video ISRs)

Parent/Guardian Notification Letter

Folsom School District is pleased to announce a new and innovative method for presenting parents/guardians with ISRs. This is in response to feedback from stakeholders during the two phases of outreach to the public conducted by the New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE).

In addition to traditional paper ISRs delivered by schools, video versions of the ISRs are currently available via the online parent portal


The video score report communicates information from the ISR through animations and a voice-over in New Jersey’s top five languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, and Arabic. The portal will also allow for parents/guardians to track their student’s scores from year to year, beginning with spring 2019.

The printed ISRs that were delivered to parents/guardians in September include the claim codes that parents/guardians can use to access their child's performance results in the NJ Parent Portal. Parents or guardians must create an account on the parent portal and use the claim code provided on the student’s ISR to add the results to their profile. Once parents/guardians create their accounts, they can add codes for additional students and/or administrations by adding new codes to their accounts.

We are excited about the opportunity to strengthen our efforts to effectively communicate your child’s performance on the New Jersey Student Learning Assessments with you.


Mrs. Michele L. Hetzel

Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Drug Alliance Basketball Clinic Information

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Folsom School Apparel

Folsom Apparel will be available ALL YEAR NOW! Follow this link to place your orders. Orders will be delivered the 1st week of every month. Please see flyer below for more information.
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Nurse Notes

No medication of any kind including over the counter drugs can be dispensed at the school without a Dr.'s prescription. All medication must be brought to school by a parent. Parents must sign a permission form before medicine can be dispensed.

We are in the middle of Flu Season. Flu symptoms: Sudden fever, feeling weak or overly tired, cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, headache, chills, body aches, vomiting and/or diarrhea. Protect yourself and your loved ones, learn what you can do to prevent the flu. Visit

Daddy Daughter Dance

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Physical Education and Athletic Department

“Try and fail, but don’t fail to try.”

Middle School:

Physical education uniforms are available to 6th, 7th and 8th grades. $16.00 ($11 shorts and $5 t-shirt) Wearing uniforms is part of standard education.

Remember to check which day students have physical education for dressing out into uniform and succeed in 100% participation.

Inside activities for December-February will consist of the Basketball unit, Fitness unit and the pickle ball unit.

Elementary K-5:

Inside activities for December-February.

Reminder: check which day students have physical education so they are appropriately dressed.

For safety purposes:

Proper attire (no dresses) and sneakers are needed for physical education class.

Athletic Department:

Folsom Falcons Cross Country boys and girls won our division and are CHAMPIONS for 2019!


Folsom Basketball (boys and girls) has started. The 1st game of the season is January 8th!

Please check times of games and practices and please pick up athletes on time. After an event coaches will wait with a student for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes student will be sent to SACC and a fee will apply.

Please be sure all SPORT PHYSICALS are completed, forms can be found on the Folsom school website.

Have a wonderful January & Stay active.

N. DeSordi

Health and Physical education teacher

Counselor’s Corner

There has been a very noticeable lack of resilience within students. Many studies have been done in trying to determine the reasoning behind this decline in resiliency. The outcome of these studies often blame various groups of people but the resolutions frequently sound familiar – that is, to teach our children to have Grit.

Grit is defined as a firmness of mind or spirit : unyielding courage in the face of hardship or danger by Merriam-Webster. What does Grit look like? Grit is showing up every day, even when we know it may be hard. Grit is overcoming an obstacle with our own coping skills or asking for the help of others when needed. Grit is putting in effort, even when we are tired. Grit is trying our best, even if we know we aren’t going to be the best. Grit is taking the initiative and persevering no matter the difficulties that get in our way.

For more information on how to raise a child with Grit, visit


Mrs. Sarah Doherty M.ED​

School Counselor / Anti-Bullying Specialist

Phone: (609) 561-8666 ext 123


Technology Tip

3D MODELING with SketchUp of Schools

Every student at Folsom has access to “SketchUp for Schools” through their Google account.

SketchUp of Schools:

SketchUp for Schools is a browser based 3D design modeling platform.

Your child can take advantage of a multitude of online videos that go along with SketchUp.

( I strongly suggest using a Mouse with Sketchup rather than a Touchpad. )

Here is a great video to start with:

Child Study Team

SEPAG meetings will be held on the following dates at Warren E. Sooy Media Center, Hammonton, NJ @ 6:30 PM.

  • February 12, 2020
  • May 6, 2020

Are you aware of any children who may have physical, mental, language or emotional problems? Folsom School can help - Project Child Find is a service of the New Jersey State Department of Education to help identify unserved children with special needs birth to 21 years of age. Please call the Child Study Team for further information at 609-561-8666 Ext. 118

Folsom Borough Environmental Commission

A Note from the Folsom Environmental Commission

Is your Christmas tree drying out and shedding needles? There are some ways to dispose of those evergreens:

1. Lay branches on ground in gardens to protect perennials from frost

2. Firewood for outdoor use only (fire pits)

3. Place it a curb for chipping (will be used as mulch)

4. Compost it

5. Some tree farms take them back

Note: Flocked and artificial trees go in trash pickup. Or maybe you have another idea to help our community stay green this season!

The Folsom Environmental Commission is part of ANJEC, the Association of New Jersey Environmental Commissions.

The Commission:

  • Promotes long term environmental planning within the Borough
  • Inventory and plan and preserve Open Space
  • Can report to ANJEC
  • Addresses aquifer recharge, conservation easement, impervious surface limits, and stream corridor protection

You do not need a background in science to join, just an interest in the environment of our community. Meetings are currently scheduled to be held on the 4th Wednesday of each month at Borough Hall. 7:00 pm


All personal items need to be labeled with your students name. Unidentified items not picked up will be donated.

A Driver License or Photo ID is needed when entering the school.

When sending payments in with your child, PLEASE send it in an envelope labeled with your child's name, homeroom teacher, and what the payment is for. CASH should never be sent in for Cafeteria payments. Visit the Parent Portal to make on line payments for lunch.

Anytime you are changing your child's dismissal routine, please send in a note.