White Fur Flying

by Patricia MacLachlan

3rd grade Interactive Read Aloud -

April 4 Watch book trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dqh3aby30lA

Read blurb on back and predict/ start character chart

April 5 Chapter 1 & 2

April 6 Chapter 3 & 4

April 7 Accountable Talk -

  • Can you make a connection between chapter 4 and the real world? Between the world and your own experiences?
  • How are pets important in people's lives? Can people and pets be friends? Can pets be friends with each other?

April 11 Chapter 5 & 6

April 12 Chapter 7 & 8

April 13 Bundle Text - Some Dog by Casnova or Tarra & Bella by Buckley

April 14 Accountable Talk: Why do you think Phillip won't talk?

April 18 Chapter 9 & 10

April 19 Chapter 11 & 12

April 20 Bundle Texts- 5 Heartwarming Stories That Prove a Dog is a Man's Best Friend


April 21 Accountable Talk:

  • Can you make a connection between ch. 12 and the real world? Between the chapter and your own experiences? Between the chapter and another book you've read or movie you've seen?

April 25 Chapter 13 & 14

April 26 Chapter 15 & 16

April 27 Bundle Texts - The Most Magnificent Thing Stop Motion video


How are some connections you can make between The Most Magnificent Thing & White Fur Flying?

April 28 Accountable Talk:

  • The dogs and the parrot play important roles in this story, which shows how important pets can be. How is Jack important to Phillip?
  • Find other examples in the book of how the pets help people.