Lord of the Sea - By: Genmarie Virola


Poseidon is the god of all sea life. (Including sea creatures and the sea). He was most worshiped by seamen they called him the lord of the sea. He married Amphitrite , she was the granddaughter of Titan Oceanus which ask him what was the most beautiful animal he has ever seen. A while after that Poseidon wanted to make a new animal he made the horse. They started to call him god of all horses.

Wife's (mates) of Poseidon

Chrysaor, Demeter, Thoosa, Iphimedeia, Tyro, Periboia, Amymone, Pitane, Euryale, Aithra and Amphitrite Medusa. He had up to 11 wife's.

What do you think about Poseidon?

So what do you think about Poseidon?

I don't believe in any gods other than god his self but it's entertaining to read stories of these people with these powers and there lives were sometimes tragic or even amazing. Sometimes I wonder what would it be like to be a god would it be fun to have a power or horrible to have so much responsibility.

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