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January 17, 2020

Happy New Year!

Welcome back to a busy second half of the school year and some big changes. As this year begins, River Middle School has moved locations to their new buildings on Salvador Ave; Mt. George and Yountville Elementary schools are preparing to close, with the teachers and students looking at transfer options; And our district wide enrollment has declined to the point that we are over staffed.

We are governed by the California Education Code and our CBA, and have laws on how and when employment termination can take place. Because of this, Reduction In Force (RIF) notices legally must happen before March 15th. This RIF will affect permanent employees, which means that attorneys will be involved from both the district and CTA to check credentials and placement on the district wide seniority list. More information will follow as it becomes available.

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Thank you Community Projects!

We are very pleased to announce that we are a recipient of a Community Projects Grant. This grant will fund 30 teachers attendance at the CTA Good Teaching Conference. The conference will take place February 7-9 at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose.

Toy Drive

We delivered 3 large car loads of toys to the Napa Emergency Women's Shelter. Thank you to all who were able to donate! Kudos to Alta Heights for their significant invovlement.

Cookies with Santa

All had a great time with holiday crafts and cookies!

NVEA/NVUSD Committee Work

Have you had the time to check out our NVEA/NVUSD Council Committee Matrix? This document has current information about Council Committees and where they are in the IBPS process.

A few Current Highlights:

  • Secondary Staffing - There is no change in the 168 student contact limit. There is no change in the class size limit of 36. District wide staffing allocations are contractually for middle school 26.75 to 1, and for high school 26.5 to 1. District wide secondary staffing is currently 21.65 to 1.
  • CPGP - In January there will be informational meetings for teachers and administrators currently in the process.
  • Elementary Prep Time -Analysis was done on cost of all recess/supervision duty done by classified employees.
  • SPED - Please see notes that are attached in matrix. We have also sent out a request for SPED teachers to document hours outside of their contract day.
  • Stipends - We are working on contractual language that will balance district wide equity with site autonomy. Different programs are requiring various leadership responsibilities. Our interest is to insure teacher voice in the defining of these roles. Because money is attached, there is also an interest in clear and equitable expectations. Tentative MOU going to council for review.
  • Adjunct Duty - We are working on contractual language that will balance district wide equity with site autonomy.
  • Two calendar options were presented that added "smoke" days. Interest were shared on the concerns of both options. District wide multiple stakeholder meeting will take place for in-depth revision in Fall.