Anne Frank

By: Emily Shaw

Anne Frank

A Friend Called Anne

By: Emily Shaw

Hi my name is Jacqueline van Maarsen and in my story I’m going to tell you about my best friend Anne Frank. In our time period September, 25th, 1942 Anne Frank when into hiding. It was very brave of her to do that because the Nazi’s were looking for every Jewish person in the Amsterdam. Thankfully I escaped death. And I will tell you how I did it.

Anne Frank

A Road to War

Jacqueline woke from her dreams unable to understand what could have ruined them. Then she heard this strange noise like thousands of huge bees. She got dressed and went down stairs to go ask her papa what was happening upset and nervous by the answer that were German planes she tried to calm down she knew that Amsterdam would not give up.

Anne Frank

One day after school Jacqueline was cycling home on her bike when she heard someone behind her yelling “Hi Jacqueline! Wait for me! Jacqueline! Wait!” She stopped and turned around and saw a small girl, skinny, with thick shiny black hair cycling toward her. That’s where Anne Frank came into place.

Soon after that they went to hang out at Anne’s house. They talked about themselves and shared secrets. And how they both used to be Germans but Anne used to live in Frankfurt, Germany


As their hangouts became longer and more often Jacqueline realized that the house of Anne was getting different. She realized days later when all the chairs in the Anne’s house living room were gone. That day had gone and another dreadful day had come. All the Jews had to wear a six pointed star so the Nazi’s knew who they were. As dreadful as the last day this day was even awful. It was the day Anne Frank disappeared. Jacqueline was lying down on her bed when she decided to call Anne but apparently she was busy.

Bye Star

Mrs. van Maarsen had to gather information on their relatives to succeed on getting Christine [Jacqueline’s sister] and Jacqueline’s star off. So they contacted all of the Jacqueline’s mother’s side of the family. In the end they had the star taken off of all their clothes at least Jacqueline’s mother, Jacqueline, and Christine.


Anne Frank’s death was a shock to Jacqueline it was told to her by Anne’s father the only one who survived the concentration camps. Jacqueline was also given a good-bye letter by Anne. This letter was very special to Jacqueline that she would always look at it and remember what it said by heart.

Dear Jacqueline,

I am writing this letter in order to bid you good-bye. That will probably surprise you, but fate has decreed that I must leave (as you will of course have heard a long time ago) with my family, for reasons you will know…. I can’t write to everyone, and that’s why I’m just writing to you. I’m taking it that you won’t talk to anybody about the letter, nor from whom you got it…. Later, of course, you’ll be able to tell people that you had a farewell letter from me. Well then, Jackie, I hope things go well with you, that I hear from you soon, and that we’ll meet again soon.

Your best friend,


P.S. I hope that we’ll always stay best friends until we meet again.