Latin America Independence Leaders

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Simon Bolivar

Born in Caracas,Venezuela. He was apart of the social class called Creoles. Bolivar was born on July 24, 1783 and lived his great life until December 17, 1830. Bolivar helped Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia gain their independence. Venezuela wanted there independence because Spain put harsh taxes on them and they were ruled by New Granada which they did not like. Columbia wanted to be on its own because it felt that Spain had given them a corrupt governor and they were fed up with him. Ecuador wanted its independence because the people of Ecuador believed that its governing body ran the colony into the ground. The people of Peru wanted independence because they had different beliefs than their leader, which lead to them wanting to over throw him. Like Peru, Bolivia also felt that their governing body was not doing a great job and the people disagreed with most of what their authorities said and they wanted to over throw him. Bolivar helped lead armies and helped countries riot and over throw the Spain leadership. He created strategies and was the quarterback of all these countries attacks. He idolized Napoleon and took after some of his tactics. Bolivar is celebrated today by a day that was created in his honor.
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Jean Jaques Dessalines

Jean was born in Guinea, Which is located in West Africa. Jean was categorized as a Mulatto. Jean started off once as a slave in West Africa. One of the ways he led Haiti to slavery was because he wanted to end slavery. This also triggered him to start a civil war. He was liked by his people so much; He became the emperor of Haiti. Haiti's main reason for wanting independence was to end slavery. Jean also made a effort to create reforms to help the state of Haiti's economy. He had very strict trade laws. When he needed to fill high position jobs, he always appointed well educated men who he trusted. He did not like to buy and sell good to and from France but instead he favored the United States and Great Britain. Jean is today placed on the 1 dollar bill in the Haiti currency.