World War 1

Hallie McArthur

Causes of WW1

Many countries formed alliances because they were afraid of war.The future leader of Austria-Hungary Archduke Francis Ferdinand,was assassinated in Bosnia-Herzegovina,Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia.Many European countries began to build up their militaries because of greater tensions in Europe. European nations began to compete for colonies in Africa and Asia, this created bad feelings between nations.

Reasons USA Entered WW1

The US government was angry that Germany tried to convince Mexico to go to war against the United States. The US government was angry that German submarines attacked US ships.

Technologies and Weapons used in the War

  • poison gases
  • airplanes
  • bombs
  • tanks
  • submarines

How WW1 Ended

The Central Powers lost more than 3 million soldiers and nearly 3.5 million civilians. The Allied Powers lost more than 3 million civilians and nearly 5 million soldiers. More were wounded. The war was devastating and costly. It was called "The War to End all Wars" because nobody thought there would be another war as bad as WW1 was.