Homonyms Take Over The World

Watch out they might get you

Homophones And Homographs



Words that are spelled the same, pronounced different and mean different things.

Words that are different in meaning and spelling, but sound the same.

Desert, Desert

I wish to desert my bad wifi.

My mom visited the desert in Arizona for her birthday.

Present, Present

I will present my report on Monday.

I bought Lily a present for Christmas.

Dove, Dove

I dove into the pool.

My aunt bought a dove for her wedding.

Tear, Tear

My brother threatened to tear my shirt.

I poured a drop of the juice the size of a tear.

Bow, Bow

My sister set a bow on top of the present.

After the play, the group made a dramatic bow together.

Lead, Lead

My brother ran out of lead for his pencil.

I will lead the play.

Close, Close

My brother will close the door.

It was a close game.


Some thing that is pronounced the same but is spelled differently

To, Too, Two

I would love to go to the mall.

I have two fluffy stuffed animals.

I have too much stuff in my room.

Sea, See

My brother loves to swim in the sea.

I see a whale.

Buy, Bye, By

I will buy a bike for my little brothers birthday.

I screamed, “Bye!” to my dad when I was leaving for vacation.

I will drive by my grandma’s house.

High, Hi

The people were walking on the high wire.

I walked by my friend and said, “Hi!”

Tea, Tee

My tea burned my mouth.

The tee at the golf section of the country club snapped in half.

Pi, Pie

My sister’s friend memorized five hundred digits of pi.

For dessert, my brother ate cherry pie.

Paws, Pause

Marcus has a dog with gigantic paws.

My mom will pause the television when she eats.

There, Their, They’re

I saw a weird fish over there.

Their mother was the pilot.

They’re so mean.

You’re, Your

You’re such a great person.

Your mom was my teacher.

It’s, Its

It’s such a sunny day.

I sat on the table, and its leg broke off.

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