Sophie Morgan P.3 Ms. Terry

Jeff Spender

Spender is the archaeologist for the fourth expedition. He reveres Mars and quickly leaves the crew to explore the planet by himself. He learns to read Martian. Finally, he decides that he should kill off the crew in an effort to preserve Mars. He kills several, including Cheroke, but doesn't have the heart to finish. He speaks for a long time to Wilder of how impossible it will be to protect Mars from government and corporate interests.

Plot Conflict

Wilder's conscience wavers when he shoots Spender. In many ways, we can think of Wilder as standing for Bradbury. Bradbury and Wilder do not condone Spender's extremism, his murdering members of the crew. Yet they are convinced by his cause. In the previous chapters, we have seen hints at how complex Martian society must have been, and this gives us reason to sympathize with Spender. It was wise of Bradbury not to explain explicitly how Martian society worked. Because we are only given hints, we want to unlock its secrets as much as Spender.