Secondary Education- Arts

By: Sierra Stroupe

AB Tech Associate in Arts

The credit hours is 60 hours.

Examples of the classes.


  1. I like Astronomy ( Space and Planets.)
  2. I Music Appreciation ( Elements Of Music, Composers, Basic listening and understanding the Art.)
  3. I Like American History II (Cold war, Civil War, Great Depression)


  1. I dislike Philosophical Issues ( to identify Analyze, critique the philosophical components of an issue, Emphasis is placed on knowledge and belief.)
  2. I don't like General Chemistry (measurement, atomic and molecular structure, periodicity, chemical reactions etc.)
  3. I don't like Principles of Microeconomics (price mechanism, supply and demand, optimizing economic behavior, costs and revenue, market Agreement general education core requirement in social/behavioral sciences.structures, factor markets,market failure, and government intervention.)

AB Tech Associate in Fine Arts

Possible Jobs

  1. Cartoonist
  2. costume designer
  3. Logo designer
  4. Painter
  5. Sketch Artist
  6. Tattoo Artist
  7. Animator