Mrs. Stasney's 3rd Grade News

For the Week of April 22nd

It's here....

Testing week is finally upon us! The kids will be taking the big ugly Math test on Tuesday and the big ugly Reading test on Wednesday. They will be given 4 hours each day to complete the test, with the clock stopping for lunch. Below are a few reminders:

-Please make sure the students are at school by 7:30 each morning. This ensures enough time to make lunch choices, get pumped up a bit (with a little bit of dancing...), and get settled in the room before beginning.

-Students will be eating in the classroom on both testing days. They are not required to bring a sack lunch, as we will walk as a class to the cafeteria to get any items we need before eating.

-Students need to wear comfortable clothing, preferably in layers. Our classroom gets down-right cold on "normal" school days when we're moving around the room and talking. It will feel especially cold on these days when we're just sitting for most of the day. If students want to wear sandals/flip flops of some kind, I suggest bringing a pair of socks to slip on while testing!

-It will be extremely difficult to contact me on the testing days. I am required to have my laptop, the classroom computers, and my cell phone turned off during testing. After testing, we'll be unwinding and going outside to burn some energy, so I will probably not remember to turn them back on. Please call the office if you need to get a message to me.

**The students have a green letter with these reminders and a few more that was sent home today! :)

No homework!

The students will not have any homework this week! We'll resume the usual spelling-and-math homework next week!

Thursday & Friday

Mrs. Langston, Mrs. Sommer, and I are planning some fun, low-key activities for Thursday and Friday of this week:

Thursday is a "Chillax Day!" After two days of testing, the kids are going to be worn out! Students are allowed to bring pillows to school as well as games to play inside the classroom. We'll be spending the day reading awesome books, playing games, and chillaxin'! :) We have decided that students may bring their electronic devices to play if they wish....HOWEVER, the students will require a parent-signed permission slip (that will be sent home on Wednesday) in order to have them out. Please know that any device brought to school is the student's responsibility...even if it is lost, stolen, or broken!

On Friday, we're going to begin the day (after specials) with a visit to our kindergarten buddies! Then we're going to do several fun science experiments! There is a potential that the students might get a little messy during the experiments, so they are encouraged to wear clothing that can get dirty!

Upcoming Events

-Tuesday: Big ugly Math test

-Wednesday: Big ugly Reading test

-Monday, April 29th through Friday, May 10th: End of Year DRA testing in class

-Monday, May 27th: 3rd Grade Class Picnic from 12-1 pm

-Thursday, May 30th: LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! Wet & Wild Day during specials, Awards at 9:00 am