Christopher Paolini

When did Christopher Paolini begin writing, and what in his childhood made him start?

His Childhood

Christopher Paolini was born on November 17, 1983, in Paradise Valley. When he was born, his mother quit her job to devote her time to raising him. She tought him with the learning system of Montessory. A main focus in this is early writing. His mother worked so hard to teach him, that when he was three years old, he was working at a first grade level. "He went on the devour books of all kinds- anything that seemed interesting. He was mostly drawn to the fantasy genre and to writers who wrote talk=e about heros and elves, sword fights and quests, and especially, dragons.

Writing Eragon

The whole time Christopher was growing up, he wrote lots of poems and short stories. "Christopher Paolii was indeed a boy wonder, writitng his first book when he was fifteen. Christopher was nineteen, he wrote Eragon. It took him a month to plan out the whole series, and he never planned for it to get published. As he finished Eragon, his family that they would produce the book themselves. They even did all of the promotions for his story. Christopher traveled all around the country promoting his books at librarys.

What does he do now?

Christopher Paolini now lives in Southern California, in a mansion with his sister and mother. He says that it was the perfect place to write, and is very peacefull. He said later that the location of his home is what gave him the idea of the location in Eragon.