Most Dangerous places to Live

By: Molly, Jaden, Charlotte, and Jenny

Where are these Dangerous Places to Live At?


Picking a place to live is a huge decision in life, and you’ll have to decide if the place you will live is going to be a safe place or not. In this article we’ll tell you about the top 4 places in the world that would be very dangerous to live at because of the major tectonic and volcanic activity that occurs there every year. We’ll also communicate to you about how much money these places have spent because of damages and the numbers of people that are affected in the area because of these natural disasters.

Reasons to Live in Taiwan

Taiwan is right of the by off the coast of Southeast Asia by China. This place is home to approximately 23 million people because of its beautiful, high mountains; thick, green forests; and sandy offshore beaches. It’s no question why people would want to live in an area where it gets as low as 60 degrees there all year long. Not only are the views breath-taking, but the average monthly income of $30,000 is enjoyable too. With a very stable income and many national parks in Taiwan, it’s hard to understand why not many people would want to live here, or is there?

Taiwan Tectonic Activity

The reason why Taiwan has many earthquakes is because it’s located on the boundary of the Philippine Sea plate (East of it) and West of the Eurasian Plate. Taiwan is in a subduction zone which is where the Lithosphere is being pushed into the Asthenosphere. This is why Taiwan has many mountain ranges with breathtaking views. Now, because the ocean floor is shifting deeper into the earth's crust, this is why Taiwan has many trenches. Trenches are where it looks like there’s an indent in the ground, kind of like someone dug a hole there.

Scary Facts About Taiwan

Now that you know more about the tectonic activity of Taiwan, let’s talk about some other scary facts. Although you may not be able to feel it, Taiwan has small earthquakes everyday which could cause very minimal damage. Also, within the past 40 years, Taiwan has had over 7 earthquakes with a higher magnitude of 7! During 1923 in Kanto, 1948 in Fukui, and 1995 in Japan, earthquakes happened and caused about 5,000 to 99,000 people to die in each of these events. Now, because of these major earthquakes, these caused many tsunamis in California, which caused thousands of dollars in damage.

Tokyo, Japan

Why People Live In Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan is known for being dangerous, yet it is one of the most populated cities in the world, with a population of 13.23 million. But what makes people want to live there? This large city draws it’s population with a lot of job offers, and has fast technology. Some people that live there are drawn by it’s culture, lifestyle, and beautiful views. Tokyo’s warmer weather and climate can play a large role. This large city offers education, with high-ranking schools. Any of those reasons show why people would live in the large city, and why Tokyo can reach up to 5 million tourists a year.

Tokyo Tectonic Activity

The city is built on three plates: the Eurasian plate, the Philippine Sea plate, and the Pacific plate.Tokyo’s tectonic activity is caused by the Philippine Sea tectonic plate, which pushes up from underneath the Eurasian continental plate, causing pressure to build up and making earthquakes. Earthquakes happen daily in Tokyo, but devastating earthquakes are usually a few years apart, destroying many buildings and homes. But when these plates push against each other, land features are created. Tokyo, Japan, is located in the Ring of Fire- underwater volcanoes formed in a circular formation- right by Japan. These are created by the continental plates moving and shifting against each other. Japan itself has over 100 active volcanoes, and a few of them them near Tokyo. Another examples is Tokyo, Japan’s hill features. They can be found all over Japan, but they also lie in Tokyo, being another land feature created by the underground tectonic activity.

Why It's Dangerous

Tokyo, Japan, gets more earthquakes than volcano activity, but that does not stop the damage. In the most recent deadly earthquake in 2011, it had up to 15, 883 deaths, and leaving 4 million people without power. Daily earthquakes are predicted to lead up to another deadly volcano in a few years. Most earthquakes trigger tsunamis, which are also another deadly factor to the dangers of Tokyo. Volcanic activity in Japan does not have a high death toll, but does enough damage to prevent airplane flights, and leaving gray ashes on parts of Tokyo.The deadliest volcano in Tokyo history was in 1783 and caused damage and killed about 1,500 people. But with 100 active volcanoes, scientists predict that anything can happen, especially in Tokyo, which lies in a dangerous area of the Ring of Fire. In total, these earthquakes, volcanoes, and the tsunamis have resulted in billions of dollars worth of damage- completely destroying buildings and homes, leaving only piles of leftover debris. Tokyo may have a lot of attractions, but is a dangerous city to live in.


Why People Live in California

The sand between your toes, the white caps glistening in the distance. The bright sun rays beaming down on you. People laughing in delight while laying out on the pier. California is home to many young people, in fact, the average age of someone in California is 35.2 according to the 2010 census. The population of this west coast state is 38.04 million, 24.3 percent of that large number is people under 18 years of age. Almost half of the children living there can speak another language fluently. Now, thats impressive! Although California is a beautiful state it is also quite dangerous.

Tectonic Activity

California is not a stranger to natural disasters. Cali is known for wildfires, floods, extreme heat, landslides, and many others but it is mainly known for its earthquakes. Earthquakes are caused by the rubbing of tectonic plates. In california's case, the two plates are the San Andreas fault and the Pacific plate. The San Andreas fault is moving towards Mexico or south. While the Pacific Plate is moving north towards Alaska. Earthquakes are common when the two plates catch each other or when the friction between them is released. The largest earthquakes happen like this.

Why Its Dangerous

California has had as many as four earthquakes in a day! Although some of these earthquakes aren’t large enough to be felt there have been many earthquakes that people wish they hadn’t felt like the earthquake on April 18, 1906 in San Francisco, that killed 3,000 people and cost $524 million dollars in damages. Ever heard of a surface scar? Well, surface scar is a large rut in the ground that looks like a small mountain or canyon. The San Andreas fault has a surface scar that is 220 miles long and runs through the date of California. California is also affected by extreme heat which causes ripples in roads or pavement, which happens when the pavement swells from heat. Dangerous but beautiful, that describes the wonderful state of California!

Sumatra, Indonesia

Why to live in Sumatra Indonesia?

Why do you want to live in Sumatra, Indonesia? There are many reasons to live in Sumatra, Indonesia. Sumatra is an Indonesian island that is located south of Asia. There is a great climate all year round as it is located right near the equator. There is many jungles and beautiful animals. The tree leaves are a beautiful green. There are unbelievable views of Indonesia from the mountains.

Tectonic Plate Movement

Sumatra is a boundary between 2 tectonic plates. The 2 plates that it is between are the Eurasian and the Indian/Australian plate. The plate boundary it is on is called the Sumatran Subduction Trench. The continental plate is being squeezed sideways by 1.2 cm per year The Sumatra island is located in a very dangerous place. The mountains of Indonesia and the trenches were created by tectonic plate movement.

How in danger are you to live there?

Living in Sumatra can be very dangerous. There has been over 300,000 deaths from disasters such as volcanoes or earthquakes. The volcanic activity is very active as in monthly eruptions. Earthquakes also happen monthly. $200,000 + dollars has been the damage cost. Over 1 million people of the population have been affected. Natural disasters are a normal but tragic thing in Indonesia.


The four places we talked about today are extremely beautiful but suffer because of the danger within that is caused by their tectonic plates. When people live in these areas, they are aware of what is happening around them. All these locations may be pretty, but tectonic activity can affect the place and the millions of people living there.Living there is a very dangerous thing but its a very beautiful place to be.