Module 1 - Intro / Learning GAVS

How to Navigate Your GAVS Online Course

Congratulations - You've Made It!

You completed your SOC, or Student Orientation Course.

So, what's next?

Click on each of the following 9 boxes, and read through the information carefully.

When you reach the final box, you will receive further instructions (see below).

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Upon Reading This Final Box... will click on this box, and will be taken to this final step of Module 1:
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Assignment 1: Introduce Yourself Discussion Post #1

This is your first true assignment - your final step in Module 1.

In a carefully written paragraph or two, introduce yourself using formal English / MLA Format. Do not write using slang words or phrases - continue practicing the formal English you will use this semester in our American Lit/Comp-B course, including all Discussion Posts, projects, and essays.

I'm looking forward to getting to know each and every one of you!

Mrs. Wolff