December 7, 1941

Bryson roper

Attack on Pearl Harbor

December 7 1941 was a very tragic day for the United States. The attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese , More than 2,000 US soldiers were killed and another 1,000 injured. The Japanese managed to destroy 20 naval ships, 8 battleships, and more than 300 airplanes.

Pearl Harbor

Tuesday, Sep. 2nd 194 at 9pm to Sunday, Sep. 2nd 1945 at 11pm

Pearl Harbor, HI, United States

Pearl Harbor, HI

Why did they attack us

No one knows why the Japanese decided to attack us. But the most reasonable reason is because they thought that they were the superior race and had to control everything. And the United states was the most powerful country and they wanted to destroy them as fast as possible.

What we dI'd to retaliate

Right after the attack Franklin D. Roosevelt declared war on Japan. Which was the entrance of the United States into World War II.