types of alligators

There are two types of alligators in the world. The american one is called the Missippien and the Chinese one is called the Sinensis. The Missippien lives in Florida and the Sinensis live in eastern China.
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the facts on alligators

the alligators nose is u shaped and their jaws are stronger than a dinosaur.A alligator can go through 2,000 to 3,000 pairs of teeth.
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alligator length

The American female alligator can grow up to 14 feet long but the longest recorded female

alligator is about 19 feet long and a male alligator can grow up to 20 feet long the record is 21 feet long

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how strong are alligators and their teeth

they can lift 200 pounds.they can kill a 30 pound animal and the teeth can kill a dinosaur.
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alligators skeleton

they only have three organs.The first contains the air they breath in the water.The second contains the heart,the ting that makes them think, and a mussel.And the third is nothing except vanes.