Wisconsin Lions Camp

Andrea Yenter- Camp Director

Wisconsin Lions Camp

The Wisconsin Lions Camp is an independent non-profit agency that runs year round, and serves children and adults with disabilities all over the state of Wisconsin only. While the campers come in the summer months while the staff work through the winter to make sure the camp is ready for the upcoming summer.

History of Wisconsin Lions Camp

The history of the Wisconsin Lions Camp started way back in the day with a simple statement made by a camper to a lions Club member, “blind kids can’t go to summer camp and stuff like that.” After that statement the Lions Club member took the idea to the Lions Club Organization of the state of Wisconsin. Where that simple statement by a camper and turned the statement into a whole resolution that was formed at the state convention to create what we know today as the Wisconsin Lions Camp and the Wisconsin Lions Foundation to administer the newly formed camp.

1956- The Resolution passed to purchase the Camp with 240 acres purchased for $18,000. There were 26 campers to attend the opening session for youth who were blind or visually impaired.

1964- Marked the first year of Adult campers who were blind or visually impaired to attend camp. Wisconsin Lions Camp also purchased 40 acres onto the south side of camp.

1966- Marked the first year of campers with mild/borderline cognitive disabilities to attend the camp.

1969- Marked the first year of campers who were deaf or hard of hearing to attend the camp. Wisconsin Lions Camp also added on 20 acres onto the north side of camp.

1971- Wisconsin Lions Camp added another 100 acres onto the north and west of the main camp.

1976- Wisconsin Lions Camp added the program called Tripping to their list of programs offered.

1977- Wisconsin Lions Camp made off season rentals a permanent part of their camp program.

1979- Wisconsin Lions Camp added the program called Nature Lore to their list of programs offered.

1981- Wisconsin Lions Camp added another program, called Leadership to their list of programs offered.

1987- Wisconsin Lions Camp expanded their swimming area and added a new program called Ropes Course to their list of programs offered.

1994- Wisconsin Lions Camp added 40 acres which was purchased on the south side of camp.

2000- The first campers with diabetes attended the Wisconsin Lions Camp.

2006- Wisconsin Lions Camp celebrated their 50 year anniversary, and added the program Performing Arts to their list of programs offered.

Wisconsin Lions Camp added a disc gold course and added a program called Sports to their list of programs offered.

Interaction with Schools, Parents, and Youth

The Wisconsin Lions Camp interacts with schools, parents and youth by emails, and the Lions Camp website (www.wisconsinlionscamp.com).

Funding of the Wisconsin Lions Camp

The Wisconsin Lions Camp receives its funding by the Wisconsin Lions, Lioness and Leo Clubs, along with other generous donors. Donors are more than welcomed to donate through multiple ways such as, giving an annual donation, the Lions Pride Endowment, the wish list, Birch-Strum Fellowships, memorials, Friends of the Foundation, wall of honor, and Friends and Honors Garden. In addition, the Lions camp creates many fundraisers such as the fun run in the summer time, called Hustle S’more for Lions Camp.

Hustle S'more 5k Run

This event is for runners, walkers, and bikers of all different skill levels. Proceeds raised at this event will help support the Summer Camp Program which provides a free camping experience to Wisconsin youth and adults who are blind or visually impaired, Deaf or Hard of Hearing, youth who socially and educationally function as having a mild cognitive disability and also for youth with Type I and II Diabetes.

The 5K run or walk and 10K run will be held on the beautifully maintained nature trails of the Wisconsin Lions Camp which surround Lions Lake. The 15 mile bike ride starts and ends at the camp and takes you through a scenic countryside. All events are chip-timed. The 5K and 10K courses are certified (WI-11021-DM)

Beverages, snacks, and changing facilities are provided for all participants. Top three finishers in each individual age group per event, as well as top three finishers overall per event, will receive awards.

For more information on this event click on the link below:


If you’re not an athlete, are you a sponsor? This event takes sponsors as well as the athletes! A monetary donation of any size helps run this event, and your support of Summer Camp Program is greatly appreciated. There are four sponsorship levels to choose for those who would like to take advantage of those promotional opportunities.

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Services Wisconsin Lions Camp Offers

The Wisconsin Lions Camp provides a variety of services including children's vision screening, hearing programs, teacher training workshops, diabetes awareness, and the camp itself. More information about the services is listed below.

Children’s vision screening that allows children from ages six months through their teens, to receive a vision check with a professional exam when indicated.

Hearing programs that provide hearing aids to those that need them but can’t afford them.

Teacher training workshops located throughout Wisconsin. These are comprehensive skill development programs for young people in grades K through 12. The programs are designed to develop skills in improving peer and family relationships.

Diabetes Awareness provides diabetes information and education to healthcare professionals and individuals with diabetes.

The camp itself, the camp provides campers with adventure educational activities, swimming, environmental awareness, foundations projects, canoeing, sailing, fishing, overnight camp outs, and much more.

How Individuals Access Services

Individuals can access the services by being a Wisconsin resident and meeting the requirements listed on the camper application that can be found on their website (http://www.wisconsinlionscamp.com/summer-camp/camper-forms/).

Wisconsin Lions Camp Evaluation

The Wisconsin Lions Camp is evaluated by the American Camp Association (ACA) which is a national camp organization that accredits camping programs across the country. The camp has to meet over 300 standards to be accredited. So far the Wisconsin Lions Camp has been continuously accredited since 1974.

In addition the Wisconsin Lions Camp is also evaluated by multiple surveys, for example there are camper surveys, teacher surveys, staff surveys, parent surveys, real time surveys, and risk management evaluations.

Wisconsin Lions Camp Link to IEP/Transition Process

Wisconsin Lions Camp doesn't play a main part in the IEP/Transition process except that they try and follow the following parts of their campers IEP; behavior management, incentives, what works/doesn't work for their campers, and the camper’s goals.