Room 113 News

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Student led conferences were a huge success. It was wonderful to stand back and watch students confidently share and celebrate their learning and growth. Thank you for supporting your children by being patient and attentive listeners. The growth the class has experienced this year is outstanding. So many students have not only learned new knowledge and skills, but have learned how to be better learners!

Nonfiction Book Clubs

We have shifted our focus from how nonfiction readers think to how nonfiction readers share and discuss their thinking. Student spend time each day reading nonfiction books and taking note of their thinking to share later with a group of other readers. The class has done an outstanding job using new discussion skills and strategies. This is such an important and transferable skill. Children at this age are just making the transition from sharing random unrelated information in conversations to sticking to one idea and drawing out deeper thinking and understanding.
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From Ms. Thomas, Our Counselor

We are now on lesson 2 of our safety unit in Guidance. The theme this week is on safe, unsafe, and unwanted touches. At the end of the lesson students will be able to identify these 3 types of touches. They will also learn how to respond to unsafe or unwanted touches assertively, and to report to an adult that they trust if necessary. Students will learn that physical abuse is a type of unsafe touch, and that they should report physical abuse to a trusted adult.