Discuss several reasons children might become bullies.

One reason children become bullies is because they lack empathy. Another reason is because they look up to their parents as a role model, & end up acting like them. One last reason is that these children are the forgotten child in their home, so they have to act out as a bully to become noticed



What are some reasons children might be picked on?

One reason why children might be picked on is because they have very few friends, or none at all. Another reason is they may have a different sexual orientation. Lastly, another reason would be that they have an illness or disability



How can you tell who a bully is?

You can tell who a bully is if they are exclusive, which means they won’t allow certain kids to play or study with them/their group. Another way to tell is if they frequently tease or taunt another child. One last way to tell if a child is a bully is if they persists in certain inappropriate or unpleasant behavior even after you have told them to stop.



What are 3 things a person can do to stop bullies? What is good about each of them? What are the drawbacks?

1. A person can calmly tell the bully to stop, & laugh it off. One advantage of this is that it catches the bully off guard & they probably won’t do it again. One disadvantage is that the bully will start making fun of you even more for asking them to stop. 2. The child could walk away. One advantage is that they didn’t say anything to cause conflict & didn’t start anything. One disadvantage is the bully could follow them & try to start a fight. 3.Stay near adults. One advantage is that the adult can stop the kid if they decide to bully you. One disadvantage is that the bully will wait until you’re away from the adult to pick on you even more.



Who else could stop the bullying? What are some ways they can help?

Talk to an adult. They can stop the bullying by dealing with the bully directly, they can give you advice on what to do next time if you don’t want them saying anything. A classmate can help, too. They can speak up & calmly tell the bully that what they are doing isn’t cool, or nice.