the best pasta in the world


welcome fellow cooks this recipe book will test your skills it is the most famous recipe in human cilvization so be prepared no im just kikding this is going to be a fun recipe but just in case get your paper and pencil because class is about to start


there are overall 5 diffrent tipes of pasta but honestly they are all my favorite personly but

thats probley not the same for you but today i will be showing you the 5

#1 it is macceroni wich is an elbow shaped and hard shell pasta

#2 linguini thicker spagetti

#3 penne long shaped spear and its hollow

#4 lasgna it has a pretty big premiter and thin and little cicles on the edge

#5 ravioli shell with food inside

#6 rotini spirals

step by step

right now we will be showing you the step by step on how to get the most spectaculer linguini ever in order to achieve this you will need to follow my steps corectly and good and trust me if you can do all of these steps then you will become the person you want to be .

step 1 get the ingrediants and place the chicken and lingiuni on a pan

step 2 put the lingini on the pan and put some boiled water and then put it on the oven to cook and take it off until its soft

step 3 take your chicken and cut it up for as much pieces as you want and put it on the pan and cook it and each minute flip it just to get it cookand take it off when it has a crisp look or as long as you want it for

step 4 once your pasta and chicken is cooked take them both out and put some alfredo sauce on the linguini and sir them and if you want take the parmesaen and sprinkle as much as you want

and finally there you have it your pasta will be finished and cooked and be amazing so there you go

or if you wna tthe specific deatalis here you go

step 1 take the linguinin and putit in the pot for 3 to 4 minutes max or until its soft

step 2 cut up little pieces of chkien

step 3 put the cut up chicken on the pan for about 1 minute to help them get a little more golden on the sides

step 4 flip each chicken breast over

step 5 when you know the chicken is cooked right put the linguini and chicken on a plate ( make shure your linguinin is strained

step 6 put the mixed chicken and lingiuni on 4 seprate plates

step 7 put 1/4 of a cup to 1/2 of a cup of alfredo sauce on each plate

step 8 put as much parmeasaen as you like to each plate

step 9 enjoy your meal