The Transcontinental Railroad

By Carleigh Schumacher


Many people traveled on The Transcontinental Railroad. The transportation was really good. The railroad was adventurous and it had it's ups and it's downs.

Why it was Built

The Transcontinental Railroad was built for better transportation. It also, helped people get from place to place faster. It was really big so more people could fit on it and it would did not have to take so many trips back and forth.

The Background of The Transcontinental Railroad

The background of the railroad is that it connected between the east and west coast of America. The transcontinental Railroad crossed more then 2,000 miles and 3,219 k.m. of desserts, plains, rivers, and mountains. After it was completed they could take a trip that only took days and not months and years.

The Dangers of The Transcontinental Railroad

One of the dangers on the railroad was that there was a robbery in Verdi Nevada. There was 5 men armed with guns that stole 41,600 in gold coins. Police chased them through two states before catching them.

On The Train

The train opened on May 15, 1869. The railroad had air conditioning, lamps with silk shades, and heat. The Rrailroad had nice service because it had food drinks and more.


It was an awesome and good transportation to travel on. Many people started and finished on and did not die because it had great and awesome transportation.


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The Transcontinental Railroad

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