Salem Circular

Which witch was a witch who wouldn't confess?

Today it will end!

We all know of the Witch Trials occurring right now. If you haven't been accused then you definitely know someone who was. Well today we finally get to eradicate the witches of Salem! Today in 1692 at the Gallows many who did not confess will hang. John Proctor, Rebecca Nurse, and Martha Corey! Also will Giles Corey tell or be crushed under weight? Come out and watch Salem be cleansed from the Devils grip.

Why witchcraft?


Many people in Salem began to expect witch craft when strange things began to happen. Fingers began to be pointed and all were found to be in cahoots with the Devil. Many allowed themselves to "let God in." These trials have changed Salem for the better starting with the cleansing that is occurring today.

Thank you Abigal!

All thanks to Abigail Williams, we discovered all who associated with the Devil. Many confessed but we still had to eradicate the witches who wouldn't. All who are to be hung are convicted to witchcraft through the ones who confessed and wanted to be saved such as Abigail. Giles Corey however, convicted himself by not telling who convicted Putnam.

Shannon Hindman

court reporter